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Planet and Moon

The Sundering Series

Series Complete!

Nine hundred years in the future, a peaceful but struggling humanity reaches out from Earth, looking for planets, looking for people, looking for their place in the galaxy.


They find more than they bargained for.

Book 1: The Sundering

Illustrations © TomEdwardsDesign

Far in the outer sectors, the supply chain from Earth is stretched to the breaking point. Ships can only jump between stars using an ancient alien transportation system called the a-rings. But now, someone or something is jumping into human space, destroying the a-rings, and trapping people on rundown space stations.

Cargo captain Beezan Mirage, one of the few people that can jump, has sacrificed eight years as a solo pilot delivering critical supplies to keep space stations operational. For Beezan, it’s better to be alone than suffer the loss of another crew.


Runaway Jarvie Atikameq makes a desperate move to get away from teen training school, onto a ship, and back to his last surviving shipmate. He may be the only person with a clue to what’s really happening with the mysterious a-ring accidents.


They never meant to change history.


First Contact
Science Fiction Adventure

Book 2: The Unbounded

Illustrations © TomEdwardsDesign
Spoiler Alert!
Please read book 1 before reading teaser.

Trapped in Harbor System after an alien intruder destroys the a-rings, the Cheetah crew struggles to manage their temperamental, secretive captain and complete their dangerous mission to save the outer sectors. They have no idea how far their captain will go to be a hero—until it’s too late.


On the Drumheller, Captain Beezan and his adopted teenager, Jarvie, adjust to their new crew. Veterans of first contact with the Ramians, their next mission is to investigate the a-ring control panel constructed by aliens known as “the Builders.” But when they discover a long-lost message, the crew fears that humanity has tangled with the Builders before—and no one made it back to warn them.


Space Travel
Alien Technology
Science Fiction Adventure

Book 3: The Harbingers

Illustrations © TomEdwardsDesign

The Chike have arrived—and they’re forcing humanity to evacuate back to Earth. Those who cannot leave are either stranded on abandoned space stations or captured by the Chike.


Meanwhile, the Drumheller discovered the long-lost 81-Petals, but the crew isn’t aboard—someone else is. They’re marooned in Chike space, where only Captain Beezan can make a sacrifice to save them all.


In their miraculous escape from the pocket universe, the Cheetah crew is stunned when Ramians mysteriously appear inside their ship. But no one is safe yet. The star system is ripping apart and they have one last hope to avoid destruction—the Chike.


As jump paths unravel, Chike ships hunt for the harbingers. But who are the harbingers and what do the Chike want with them? Humanity’s future hangs in the balance as ships race across the sectors making desperate choices to survive.


Alien Cultures

Spacetime Upheavals

Science Fiction Adventure

Book 4: The Convocation

Illustrations © TomEdwardsDesign

The great meeting of the Gens, where the fates of new species are determined, begins. Humanity is destined to be rejected, confined to the solar system for centuries, and left to extinction. Their only hope is Acceptance by Trial. But how can humanity accomplish a task that even the GenOne cannot do?


Join Beezan, Jarvie, and all your favorite characters from the Drumheller, the Cheetah, the Watcher, and the Sandstorm as Humans and Ramians fight for their future in the exciting conclusion of the Sundering Series.


Alien Convocation

Humanity on Trial

Science Fiction Adventure

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